Daisy Lane Consignment Store
Store Policies
Daisy Lane will accept home décor and household items in good quality and working condition that is brought in nonreturnable boxes/bags.

Daisy Lane has the right to refuse any items and if so you will be expected to come within 2 weeks to pick up those items.  We will let you know if we have items for you to pick up.  

Holiday items are accepted 2 months before the upcoming holiday.

Daisy Lane determines the pricing on all items but if you are expecting a certain amount please discuss that with us before bringing items in.  Commission rate on all items up to $100 will be 50/50 check or 40/60 store credit.  All items $101 and above will be 30/70 check or 25/75 store credit.

Each consigner will fill out a contract with dates that items must be picked up by and a guideline sheet. Failure to pick up unsold items will result in forfeit of merchandise and it will become property of Daisy Lane.

Items may not be removed from store before end of contract date.

You are responsible for locating and picking up your unsold items at end of contract date if you want them back.  Bring your own boxes/bags to put items in.  Daisy Lane reserves the right to check out items being taken.

Check or store credit slips will be ready for you to pick up by the 5th of each month.  Store credit slips must be kept by you until you are ready to use them for a purchase.

Daisy Lane is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Daisy Lane consignment does not accept bedding, clothing, shoes or any other merchandise that Daisy Lane deems unsellable.  If you are unsure about an item feel free to check with us at anytime.  Sellable furniture is allowed if we have space for it, however you will need to have permission before bringing it in.

Items will be put out for sale an average of 8 weeks depending on the week you drop off during the month with the last 2 weeks items going half price.